BAT 1 Manual Bird Weigher provides all the data for complete weight data and analysis… perfect for any poultry weighing application. Economical, reliable and easy to use!

The portable BAT 1 scale quickly provides all the data for complete weight data and analysis. The large graphic display, high memory capacity, and long battery life are just a few features that make the BAT 1 the number one choice worldwide.  A wide range of hooking systems birds for small chicks to full sized turkeys can be sampled. The powerful P.C. Software that is included efficiently organizes all data by flock and age, creating easily accessible growth archive. Growth curves, histogram uniformity and other data is easily managed by the BAT 1 and its standard software.


•    Number weighed
•    Average weight
•    Uniformity %
•    Coefficient of variation %
•    Standard deviation
•    Histogram

•    Stores 10,500 weights 
•    Stores up to 199 houses or pens
•    Date and time stamps data
•    Screen display user selectable
•    All data shown and updated on display
•    Updates on screen data and graphics after each weight
•    PC data transfer or direct to printer
•    Long life rechargeable battery

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