Accurate and Easy to read, with an easy quick zero setting using a thumb tare.

An optional quick release Bird Holder is available. 

Electro Sampson Hanging Scale 

The modern ElectroSamson digital scale is a convenient hanging style supplying simplicity and accuracy to the data collection process. This scale is versatile, which is switchable between pounds and kilograms. This package is complete with its own carrying pouch, weighing handle, and battery to get you started weighing right away. 


  • Accuracy 
  • Multiple Models for Multiple Capacities
  • Ease of Use
    • Large easy to read LCD Display
  • On/Off
    • Re-Zero during weighing to create a Tare Weight.
    • Allows weighing of a container contents
    • This product incorporates an Auto-Off feature, after 2 minutes of inactivity.
  • Hold
    • Display weight will be held until either a higher load is sensed or Hold Key is pressed.
  • Unit Variation 
    • Switch between Kilograms, lbs/oz, or decimal lbs. 
  • Weight: 1 lb (430 grams)
  • Calibration through front panel
  • Battery Powered: 9 volt Alkaline which is included.

For Details, including Dimensions, Specifications, and Capacity information please refer to the Contact Page to inquire on specific Models offered.